Sales process

Whenever there is a decline in sales, what is our first reaction – we try to figure out what is wrong with the market or the sales team or the product/service being sold. We try to come up with new campaigns, discounts schemes or offers.

The thought that there might be a flaw in the process almost never occurs to us.

And this is exactly what provides us an interesting opportunity to explore. How much improvement in sales can we get by improving the selling process ? Can process efficiency drive sales numbers ?

These are questions that are worth exploring for all of us who manage sales.

2 Replies to “Sales process”

  1. I think thats a good question to start pondering!! But do we also need to think – whether the market actually has the demand for the product that the sales team is trying to sell? If yes, then probably the process efficiency might drive sales numbers. But if not, then either the sales team should do wonders to create the demand or the production team should change the product 😉

    DISCLAIMER: I am a layman in the field of Sales! This comment is purely from an end users perspective!

  2. I think yes Process efficiency do drive sales number but it is not only the factor market situation always help us and motivate us to come with good ideas whenever there is a decline in sales its not because sales team is not efficient its because market want something else and waiting for some new ideas and offers to come and this chain keeps on repeating again & again because every time we set a new benchmark we are again ready for the new one 🙂

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