Google on it’s way downhill?

Google has had a great run till now what with their innovations on monetizing their biggest strength – Search. There also has been a lot of talk on how the last slew of products coming out of Google have not hot the bull’s eye (maybe with the exception of Android and Chrome). We also have seen an exodus of talent from Google to its rival FaceBook and the lengths Google has gone to stop it.

Does all of this indicate the start of the decline of Google as the internet superpower ? Is there someone already in the making who can kill Google on its own turf – Search?

In my opinion in order to take on Google, just technological innovation alone will not suffice. What is needed is to kill the revenue model that they have has built up.

Can someone choke up the ad revenue that Google thrives on? It would be an interesting space to watch out for.

My opinion is that the next couple of years are crucial for Google and there will be multi-pronged attack on the Google’s revenue model by different companies (mostly start-ups including the FaceBooks and twitters of this world).

Can the giant killer emerge from India or the emerging economies? Only time will tell…