Goals setting – 2011

It is the time of the year when we sit back, relax, take stock of the year gone-by and plan for the year ahead.

I read a blog by Kelley Robertson on goal setting and really loved it. You can read the blog @ http://www.fearless-selling.ca/blog/stretch-yourself/.

Kelly talks about setting 2 goals:

  1. One that you think you have about 85% chance to achieve
  2. One that is way beyond the above goal and what you really want – Your stretch goal
This is what my first boss also taught me. The only difference was that he also asked me to also decide and write down how am I going to reward myself if I were to achieve these goals (both regular and stretch).

The criteria being that the reward for achieving the stretch goal should be something you always wanted but is out-of-reach for you (something you want but cannot afford or something you cannot access, like having lunch with your CEO). I still remember the first reward for my stretch goal was to get a CROSS pen.

This helps a lot in focusing and keeping yourself motivated – to do one more sales call when everyone has left, to meet one more client, to send one more offer. This has helped me in my career more than anything else that I can remember.

So, go on have a blast and start the new year with a bang !!!!!!