Does Google really need Sex ?

Paul Krugman wrote a post titled “Google Needs Sex” which was interesting to read. Lately, Google bashing has become fashionable. Everyone is complaining about the issues that Google has and why it is in its decline. I am sure that this will increase in ferver and quantity.

Everyone has been complaining about the quality of results of search being the trouble at Google.

My personal opinion is that the actual culprit is Google’s business model based on the Adsense program. It is because of this business model that the entire SEO industry cropped up and created a mess of their search algorithm.

In one of my previous blogs (Google on its way downhill?), I did mention that anyone who has to beat Google will have to do so, not only by technological innovation (aka better search) but more so by business model innovation. 

Now, it is up to Google itself to innovate on their business model in order to come out trumps. So, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Google to re-invent their business model and continue their dominance in the search category.  

Meanwhile, Google is also coping with a lot of other issues like

  1. Increase competition from the Facebook’s, Bing’s and other search engines in the market
  2. Loss of talent to competition
No matter, what happens, this will be an interesting space to watch out for.