Deutsche Bank – Are you listening?

Today, I got the following alert (both as a sms and an email) from my bank – Deutsche Bank:

“Dear Customer, a new bill from BSNL – Bangalore for INR 958 is due on 04/05/2011. Login to db online banking to pay your bill.”

Instead of this passive message, I would have loved to get a message which said the following (as an SMS):

“Dear Mukesh, a new bill from BSNL – Bangalore for INR 958 (Payment ID: xxxxx) is due on 04/05/2011. Pls forward this message to 55555 and include your transaction password at the end to process the payment.”

This makes processing the payment simpler and easier for me.The crux of the idea is the following:

  1. Make the message personal (Address me by my name, instead of Dear Customer”).
  2. Engage me in the process. Make the message actionable, whatever the mechanism used to enable this. I have just used a simple mechanism as an example.   
Hope someone from the bank is listening. 

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