Effective sales review meetings

All sales managers hold fortnightly or monthly or quarterly sales review meetings. How managers use these meetings talks a lot about their leadership skills.

Does your team look forward to these review meetings or dread them? Do they think it adds value to them or is it looked as a necessary evil?

I think sales managers can use these review meetings to do the following:

  1. Identify any good wins and celebrate them.
  2. Facilitate learning from deals won/lost.  
  3. Gauge the motivation level in the team and pep the team up.
  4. Discuss the sales numbers (target v/s actual), current pipeline health check.
  5. Identify the folks who need help in achieving their numbers. Sit down with them post the review meeting to understand the situation and guide them (one-on-one).  
All this is possible if the sales manager collects all the information prior to the meeting, spend some time going over the same and come prepared for the review meeting.

This is a big shift from the current method of conducting sales review meetings but will ensure that the sales manager not just manages the sales team but leads them and become a training ground for future sales managers. 

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