AUDI – Managing customer expectations?

I was at the UB city mall a couple of days back and was amazed at the brand new Audi E5 which was displayed at the mall. Right next to the car, there was a big poster asked prospective customers to SMS AUDI to 561611 for more information about the car. In my enthusiasm to know more about the same, I immediately complied and sent an SMS to the number mentioned on the poster.

I was then waiting impatiently for either a SMS response or for someone at the AUDI dealership to call me and explain all the great new features that the E5 had. Alas, it has been more than 2 days now, with no response from the company.

Now after 2 days with no contact from AUDI, my interest in the car has diminished and their reputation for me is also considerably lower.

Hope AUDI knows this and can correct whatever is the trouble at the SMS gateway and do it quickly.