10 things we can learn from the God of Cricket (Sachin Tendulkar)

  • His commitment to the team and his game.
  • His ability to remain calm, focused and fit, whichhas helped him to play more cricket than anyone else in the history of thegame.
  • His hunger for more success, despite being the mostsuccessful cricketer in the history of the game.   
  • His ability to unlearn old techniques and learn newones to stay relevant in the changing times.
  • His ability to adapt to the game/situation (abilityto shift between offense/defense).
  • His humility despite all his success, adoration andthe love of the entire nation.
  • His continued passion for the game (which he has playedmore than anyone else in the history of the game).
  • His intense competitive spirit on the field.
  • His showing that leading is not the most important thing.The team winning is most important (when he stepped down from leading theIndian cricket team).
  • His showing you that you can continue to shineindividually, if you keep performing and help the team win. 

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