10 things Kingfisher could do to save itself

  1. Limit the number of check-in counters at allairports to one or two. Build and use self-service baggage check-ins. Discourageuse of the counters by charging customers who still use the counters tocheck-in themselves and their baggage. This will help reduce their employee countand also the rent that they pay for the real estate to the airports.
  2. Instead of providing a 5 course meal on the flight,provide vouchers to all passengers redeemable at either the originating orarriving airports to buy fresh food. This will help reduce their cost of servingthe customers and also enable customers to have freshly made food and offers alot more choice of food as well.
  3. Stop using the sky-walks at the airports. Instead usethe bus to take their customers to the aircraft. This will save some cost incurred to the airports. 
  4. Offer only radio, newspapers, magazines & some interesting books as the in-flight entertainment options on the flight. This will help reduce their cost of entertaining the customers. 
  5. Sell advertising space on the aircraft (on seatcovers, over-head baggage counters, door of the pilots cabin, etc) to generate somemore revenue.
  6. Offer equity to the employees who are willing totake a cut in their salary, rather than offer equity to the bankers. This willreduce the operational cost for the airline & also increase a sense ofownership among the employees. Fully motivated employees could make adifference in the airline failing or coming out with flying colors.
  7. Offer debentures to the current shareholders of thecompany redeemable maybe in 5-6 years. This will reward your currentshareholders and not loose further share to the financial institutions.
  8. Get help! Run an open innovation contest for allKingfisher customers & employees seeking ideas to help them cut costs andstill be a fun airline to fly in. This will foster a sense of belonging within thecustomers and help strengthen the bond.
  9. Let go of some employees & don’t replace them.Start from the top! This will keep the damage to a minimum with the maximum impactin cost savings. This will also give the next level of employees a chance tostep up and take charge.
  10. Stop cribbing! Stop seeking government intervention! Take responsibilityfor the current state of affairs and commit to get out of it on their own! 

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