Great resource for entreprenuers

I came across a great resource for entrepreneurs to continuously learn different aspects of running a start-up or a small/medium enterprise.

Mixergy is a great site for start-ups to continually learn from proven entreprenuers on how they ran their businesses.

Everyday, they post an interview with a successful entrepreneur exploring his/her journey till date.

The questions asked in the interview are intelligent and result in great insights for the listeners. These interviews are available for about a week on their website for anyone to listen free of charge.

They also have a paid service (Courses that you can take on the different topics) which provides us unlimited access to the material they have.

I have learned a lot by listening to their interviews!

Hope you have a lot of fun listening to them as well!

Disclosure: I do not know the founders of this organization and this is not a sponsored post. I am just one of their users who just found their service to be really good and want to spread the news to the community.


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