Delighting customers – Bollywood style

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As I have always said, you can always delight your customers. I came across a video of a Finnair Flight which was on its way to Delhi, celebrating India’s Republic Day, Bollywood style – Song & dance routine. Have a look at the video below.

The video has already garnered more than half a million views on Youtube. The reason why this works great are:

  1. Element of surprise: No one expects to see a song & dance routine on an aircraft.
  2. Effort: The effort the dancers had put in clearly showed.
  3. Emotional: There was an emotional connect for all the Indians on the aircraft as the Republic Day is associated with the emotion of freedom.

Hats off to them for pulling this off.

Hope they keep up the good stuff and others learn from them.

3 thoughts on “Delighting customers – Bollywood style

  1. Wow. Its fabulous.
    Im a regular reader of Just now i read “Open letter to Flipcart Founder” and your letter as response to that. Now this video – customer delight – makes me really laugh.

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