The secrets to building fierce loyalty

I have been following the blog post series by Sarah Robinson“28 days of building fierce loyalty”. She has some really good folks come and talk about the secrets to building fierce loyalty. So far, we have had some very interesting posts.

When I started thinking about folks who have inspired fierce loyaly, people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, Madonna and a lot of others.

I realize that they all shared a few characteristics:

  1. Fiercely passionate: They were all fiercely passionate about a cause and were totally committed and driven by the cause, a cause which was bigger than themselves. It may be a free country, abolition of apartheid, abolition of racism, insanely beautiful products or insanely great art.
  2. Dedicated to one & only one cause at a time: These people are not multi-taskers. They are consumed by the one thing that they are passionate about. Anything else does not matter.
  3. Dreamers: They all dream big! They constantly talk about the present and the possible future. They make people around them dream big as well.
  4. They Care: They care about the cause and their fellow community members. When Lady Gaga came to know that her loyal fans are braving the weather and are waiting in-line much before the concert is due to start, she orders pizzas for them and surprises them by an impromptu visit! That is why her fans are so loyal to her. She cares about them.
Becoming fiercely loyal is emotionally draining. One can be fiercely loyal to one or maybe two causes! Hence, it is not easy to build fierce loyalty.
What do you think about this? Are you fiercely loyal to someone or some cause? Do you know why are you so fiercely loyal to the person/cause? It would be a great learning for all of us to learn more about this.
Meanwhile, lets sit back and enjoy reading and learning from the series that Sarah has so well put together for us all.

One Reply to “The secrets to building fierce loyalty”

  1. Good note Mukesh…

    All the personalities said above may or may not retain the loyalty of their followers after their demise and nothing inspiring to follow-up the path.

    Amazing loyalists are theists who follow some one who lived (might have) centuries back among the human population and have ardent followers running in billions today.

    Not any lesser, we have actors turned politicians; inspiring, driving them to do their duties (voters) after a quarter century of non existence!

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