Unselling – To sell more, stop selling

Today, I read the book – “Unselling – Sell less to win more” by Peter Bourke.

In the book, he argues that selling does not work anymore as people get defensive whenever someone tries to sell something to them.

He also goes on to argue that the alternative is to “Unsell”.  He also provides examples of situations where you can use the concept of unselling principles.

All-in-all, I think that the book is an interesting read, if only to get some interesting situational ideas.

I had also written a blog post about the same concept in Dec 2010 titled – “To sell more, stop selling”

I would think that this book is an old wine, re-packaged, re-branded in a new bottle.

I should admit, his analogy of Unselling to the Uncola was very interesting. I did some search about the Uncola campaign and found it extremely interesting case of product differentiation.

Some of the Uncola ads (for 7Up) that I liked are as below:



Hope you enjoyed the commercials as much as I did (and learnt a thing or two). That, I think is material for another post.