What the hell is RoE?

Today, I read the blog post by David Johnson titled – “Forget About RoI, start thinking about ROE”. The title intrigued me and I read his post.

Basically, he argues that it is time we started thinking about customer engagement in terms of Return on Experience rather than the traditional RoI.

His idea is to find ways to “Enchant” a few customers while dealing with them, thus providing enough fodder for them to start talking about their great experience online (and offline).

I think this is a great idea for any organization that serves consumers.

He argues that if an organization starts to provide exceptional service to all their customers, all the time, the bar is raised and the customers start expecting such a service all the time. Hence, the company should strive to provide such exceptional service sporadically, enough to enchant a few customers everyday. This will continue to make the customer who recieve such service loyal and also enable conversations about your organization, which in-turn could lead to lower customer acquisition cost.