Unfortunately, my prediction about Facebook comes true…

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In January this year, in my blog post titled “Why is Facebook planning to go public now?”, I had predicted that all is not well with facebook and that is the reason for the timing of the IPO.

I was way off mark in the speed that I thought things would pan out, only goes on to point out that the pace of change around us is astounding to say the least.

Already, there are predictions being made that Facebook could die. I think it is a bit pre-mature to predict their death. They still have the people who could bring them back from the brink of disaster. However, the chances of that happening looks bleak though.

One question that the blog by  raises is the following:

  • How will Facebook or for that matter any other website monetize access to their sites via mobile devices?

In my opinion, in order to succeed in making money on mobile, you need to think outside of mobile ads. Advertisements  are an old world phenomenon, somehow survived the web (with a big help from Google Adsense). However, I think that advertisements as we know them now, have out-lived their use.

Someone needs to either re-invent advertisements or completely out-think others on how to make money on the mobile.

Whoever cracks this, one thing is for sure, it is going to be personal and individual.

It’s going to be a fascinating year ahead as this entire play will pan out.

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