Passion vs. Productivity

In my opinion, passion and productivity go hand-in-hand. You can take any employee who is good at what he does, its highly likely that he is a passionate person.
Now, the question is the following: Is he passionate about the work that he does or does his passion lie elsewhere? And does it matter at all..
I think that as long as a person is passionate about something in life, there is a good chance that he will do a good job of whatever he chooses to do.
Think of a person who is not passionate about anything in life. He is just living life as it comes to him. It is highly likely that he is complaining about life. It is highly likely that he is average at whatever he does in life.
However, this is just my opinion.
Jonathan has initiated a great discussion on a topic which could elicit some passionate responses. It is also highly likely that passionate people will respond to the question posed by him.
What do you think about my opinion? Do you agree that as long as someone is passionate about something in their life, they will do a good job at work?
Looking forward to hearing from you all..

2 Replies to “Passion vs. Productivity”

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