The Seven Core Tenets of Anticonventional Thinking

The Seven Core Tenets of Anticonventional Thinking.

This makes a very interesting read. Most of the tenets of ACT (anti-conventional thinking) goes against traditional brainstorming or idea generation processes. I guess that is why it is called Anti-conventional.

Though I agree with most of what is being subscribed, I have to say that this is very difficult process to use in a traditional organization.

This needs highly creative and self-assured people, who can take criticism,  build on ideas (thiers and others), and trust each other a lot! If any of the above are not present, this could be a recepie for disaster.

This said, I do think that if you want breakthrough ideas, this could be the way to go. Just involve a small team made of people who are self-assured and trust each other, let them go through the process and I am sure, you will get some really amazing ideas.



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  1. Hi Mukesh,

    Thanks for blogging about anticonventional thinking (ACT). As you note, it goes against traditional brainstorming/creative problem solving. That’s not just because the aim is to be anticonventional, but also because research on brainstorming over the years has demonstrated that most of the assumptions upon which brainstorming is based are wrong.

    I have been doing short ACT workshops with companies, government bodies and a European project over the past year and have found that people can indeed learn the process. It’s not that hard to do. But it does require that people adopt a different approach to creativity than they are used to.

    All the best,

    Jeffrey Baumgartner

    1. Thanks Jeffrey. I have also been following your work for sometime now and am in the process of learning. I thoroughly enjoy the newsletter that you put together and send out..

      Hope we are able to meet/work together sometime in the future..

      Till then, keep leading us by continuing to do the great stuff that you are already doing..


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