What should twitter do?

Recently, there has been a lot written on Twitter sending emails to users to lure them back to twitter.

In my opinion, instead of trying to lure the casual users back to twitter, they should be thinking about why are they not using twitter more often.

I know quite a few casual users of twitter and based on my discussions with them, I think twitter should give a thought to the following:

1. A new user generally done not know, what to do once they sign-up. What can twitter do to ease this confusion. They can send a link to a video explaining different ways people use twitter (to follow celebrities, to build communities, to stay connected with friends, to stay updated about current events around the world, etc). The user can decide to watch the video based on what they want to do.
2. To engage an existing user who is not active (either on twitter’s site or via an app), they could tweet to them on what they’ve missed while they’ve been away from twitter instead of sending an email. Suggest what they could do to get once they could get back on twitter (based on their past activities, from the above categories).

As an active user of twitter, I would hate if they go back from tweets to email and in the process to destroy what they’ve created till now.

Hope they are listening!