The book that can’t wait & some more

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Argentina-based publisher Eterna Cadencia has released El Libro que No Puede Esperar – which translates as ‘The Book that Cannot Wait’ – an anthology of new fiction printed in ink that disappears after two months of opening the book.


In my opinion, this is a great idea for book publishers. This ensures that once you open the book, you are more likely to finish reading the book.

Another idea that has been around since 2009 is the Espresso Book Machine. This was initially launched by Xerox. This is a fully automatic machine, which can print a library quality paper back in 5 mins. This means that the small stores can now compete with online bookstores with infinite inventory capability. The original price for the machine is very expensive, but that can change. I think the idea is now ripe to take off as other manufacturers start offering similar machines to the bookstores.


I think that the publising industry has been in the hot seat for a long time now and I think in the next couple of years, we shall see clear path emerge for the industry to follow to remain profitable and healthy.

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