Education Unleashed: Now It’s All Up To You

Education Unleashed: Now It’s All Up To You.

Very interesting and informative piece, put together by John Mayerhofer, Vice President, Innovation, SAP.

Notes section has a lot of information on all the resources currently available for anyone who wants to learn (anything).

I have taken a course on Coursera and can talk by experience that this is a great tool for continuous education for anyone with an internet connection and a will to learn.

In my opinion, education as a sector is ripe for complete disruption and online education offerings will play a big part in this disruption.

The current education system is fundamentally flawed in todays context. Schools & colleges that are able to use the online resources as a tool to enable a sense of discovery, instill some amount of intrigue in the process will be the one’s that will succeed in the new reality.

It will be very interesting to watch this space closely.