Interesting discussion on the future of education (Video)

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Below is an exciting conversation between Fred Dust (Partner, IDEO), Michael Karnjanaprakorn (Co-Founder and CEO, Skillshare); Tim Marshall (Provost and Chief Academic Officer, The New School) and Andrew Yang, Founder and CEO, Venture for America. These are some of the pioneers who are exploring new ways to prepare our kids for their future (what else does education do).

Though, I agree with most of the things that are being discussed here, I think that true revolution in education will only come once we are able to integrate such efforts in the mainstream education movement.

Also, we all say that education is a life-long activity, but does any of the education institutes implement this?

Do we have a college or a school or an online course that we can take for life? One that does not have a specific start date and a end date?

Is it practical and possible to create an institution that can enroll us and take us on a quest for education for our lifetime?

This is a great opportunity for anyone who steps up and creates such an institute.. Would you?

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