Forgive, Forget and Renew Your Relationships

Today, we celebrate Holi – a festival of colors. This is also a festival when we encourage people to forgive, forget and re-new all our relationships!

This festival is all about giving another chance to ourselves and restart the year with a clean slate.

Organizations, like individuals, also develop good, bad and worse relations with other organizations (customers, partners, etc). It would do the organizations (CEO’s and leaders) a world of good, if they also did something like this

  • With partners
    • Re-new, reiterate commitment to work together & support each other.
    • Ask them the question – “How do you think we can work better?”
  • With key customers:
    • Reiterate commitment to support them in their journey
    • Ask them – “How can we support your business better?”
  • With customers/prospects where you lost business in the past:
    • Ask them “How can we work together this year”

Though there are regular review cycles that are planned and executed, it always works wonder if you reach out to these folks with an open mind and a willingness to improve (outside of the formal settings).

This is the responsibility of the leader to initiate and engage in this dialogue. This will also provide them new insights on which relationships are working and which one’s are not.

In times of uncertainty, this insight can prove to be critical.

Holi is also about forgetting everything and having a blast! It is also important for teams and organizations to also not to forget having a blast!

Happy Holi to all!

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