Whats Your Contribution?

Yesterday, I was running a workshop to introduce the concept of design thinking to a bunch of college students with the following as the challenge that they needed to solve by the end of the workshop

How might you make teaching interesting, fun and effective for teachers

We all had a great fun day and learnt something very important. All the ideas that the students came up to help teachers were to do with things that assumed that the teachers inherently were not competent people who can teach well.

I ran a similar workshop a couple of months ago with a set of 30 college professors with the following challenge:

How might you make learning interesting, fun and effective for students

And the results were very similar. All the ideas that the teachers came up with assumed that the students inherently do not want to learn while in college.

This made me thinking and I asked the students in yesterday’s workshop, to list out things that they could do in their classes (right away), which could help the teachers have fun while running classes. Collectively, they came up with about 44 different things that they could do in their classes to make them fun & effective not only for the teachers but also for themselves.

I guess this is human nature. We believe that the problem is with others and forget our contribution to the problem. Makes me question my contribution everytime i start to complain about anything.

So, what are your complaining about and what is your contribution to that?