Personal Focus in a Word for 2014

I read on Mitch Joel’s blog about the concept of 3 words in a year that Chris Brogan started and Mitch and others have made into a tradition. When I read more about the concept, I kind of liked the entire idea of defining 3 words that will be the foci of all my activities in 2014.  When I sat down to think and reflect on what these 3 words could be, I realized that there is only one word that would become the focus of all my activities in 2014. 

And the word is “Transformation“. I would like to apply the theme of transformation to everything in my life. 

  • Physical transformation: I would like to transform my both my physical fitness and my physical appearance. I did add a few inches to my waistline over the past couple of years. Not only am I going to aim to shed these extra inches, I am aiming to run a half marathon under 60 mins before the end of the year, which currently looks impossibly impossible, as I have never been able to run even a KM in the past 15 years. 
  • Intellectual transformation: I have been reading the same blogs and talking to the same set of people, hanging out at the same places for the past few years and that I think has had some impact on what and how I think, speak and write.  I want to completely transform this facet of my life as well. I shall start reading new authors, about new topics, meet people who are so different to me and who think very different than I do. I will visit places that I have never visited yet. I shall try out food that i had never tried before. I shall try taking different routes to reach the same destinations. I believe these will give me so much more information to process, that intellectual renewal can be expected. 
  • Emotional Transformation: I believe that in the past few years, I have not spent as much time with my family and friends that at times I feel that we have grown apart emotionally from one another. These are things that you only sense and no one talks about. I have made a list of people whom I would like to reconnect emotionally and strengthen the bonds if they respond to this as well. 
  • Financial Transformation: I have been a very conventional and a lazy investor so far in my life. I think the time has now come to change that and become an active investor. From being a lazy investor, I would like to become not only an active investor, but create an alternate source of passive income to put me on route to becoming financially independent. 
  • Spiritual Transformation: I have never been a spiritual person at all. However, I have come to understand that this is another dimension that one needs to explore for himself/herself before concluding on anything. So, I have decided that this year, I am going to try and read as many spiritual texts and meet as many spiritual folks as I can and try to explore this dimension. 

I know that taking so much on at the same time looks not only to be daunting but next to impossible. However, that is the challenge that i intend to take on for myself. 

So, 2014 is going to be the year of TRANSFORMATION for me. 

What about you? What could be the 3 words or maybe the single word that would define the year for you? 

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