How do You Start Your Day to Ensure Peak Performance?

Usain Bolt - Delivering Peak Performance
Usain Bolt – Delivering Peak Performance everyday

The following routine at the start of the day ensures peak performance for me:


  • For my Body: One of the most important thing that you could do first up in the morning is to exercise your body. A healthy body is crucial for success. This is one activity that i have not been regular at, however, plan to start doing on a much more regular basis.
  • For my Mind: I read something stimulating. You could read a scripture if you are religious. I read a good book something that is not from my regular field of study or work. This keeps expands my mind and keeps it healthy. I also intend to start writing morning pages to clear my mind of all the thoughts that I accumulated through the night.
  • For my Spirit: A prayer or an expression of gratitude for all that is there in my life at the start of the day keeps me grounded and away from stress.

Intention: Manifest my intention by answering the following questions:

  • How would you like the day to unfold?
  • What is the most important action that you would you like to complete by the end-of-day?
  • What would you do with your spouse & kids?
  • Whom would I delight today?

The answer to each one of the above questions is not be more than one sentence.


The first thing that I do every day is to identify ways in which i can delight (or inspire) an existing customer.

These have worked for me. What is your morning routine that helps you deliver peak performance? Do share with us.

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