PBTO6: How to Turn Yourself into a Sales Rockstar

Paul Castain
Paul Castain

In this episode, we host Paul Castain, who is the Vice President of Rock Star Development for Castain Training Systems,  where he works with organizations and individuals who want to sell more and sell better. He is also the founder of the LinkedIn group “Sales Playbook”, a group with more than 40000 members and one that is totally spam free.

In this conversation, we talk about a lot of important topics for the sales executive and sales leaders:

We talk about how taking action (starting Sales Playbook group on LinkedIn) has been one of the most important decisions that he ever made in his business.

We also talk about some tips to transform yourself into a sales rockstar:

  • The importance of developing different styles of selling and the ability to switch styles (some call it adapting to your customer) based on the feedback you get as you go along.
  • The importance of Empathy (to your customers, to your sales leaders, to your other colleagues) in selling successfully
  • 3 of the most frequent mistakes that sales executives and leaders do and how to avoid them
  • The power of uninterrupted time at the start of the day to do your most important tasks
  • How micro-managing managers destroy the productivity of sales reps & what can they do to get out of this habit
  • The importance of having an always up-to-date CRM system
  • Some of the common traits in highly successful sales leaders
  • Some common mistakes that sales leaders do and how to avoid them
  • Paul’s thoughts on the Sales vs Marketing debate
  • Social selling – what it really is and some tips for the sales reps to excel at it
  • The importance of investing in training

I strongly recommend that you join the Sales Playbook community and start engaging with the great folks there. You can also reach out to Paul on twitter @PaulCastain

You can join the Summer Sales Camp here.

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