Gratitude, Celebrations and Progress

This post is the 300th post on this blog. This calls for two things actually:


One of the most important things in life is to show gratitude for everything that is good in our life.

Gratitude and thanks are due to every single reader who have supported this blog by reading, subscribing and sharing the posts on the blog.

So, THANK YOU! Your constant support is what makes the time and effort that i put in to write, even more worthwhile.

I can only hope and request you all to continue to support the blog by not just reading/sharing but also by participating in the discussions. The discussion is what will make this even more worthwhile activity to pursue.


One of the important things that we need to do whenever we reach a milestone is also to celebrate the moment. Celebrating is another way to show gratitude and also keeps us going towards the next milestone.

So, as a way to celebrate, I would like to invite you to join in the celebrations!


Having said your thanks and completed your celebrations, it is time to get back to your journey towards the next goal or milestone.

I do intend to continue on my journey to create good, high quality stories that are worthy to read and share; I intend to raise questions, uncomfortable questions, which no one is currently asking but someone should.

I would also like to invite you, my readers, to share your thoughts and participate in the discussion..

Here is to the journey to the next couple of hundred posts on the blog……