Word for the Day: Excitement

Last week we celebrated my son’s 10th birthday. Apart from a set of gifts that we got him, his uncle and aunt decided to gift him a tablet and asked us to choose one for him.

After a lot of research, discussion, debates and online search, we zeroed in on two models – a windows tab from Acer and Google Nexus. We then announced it to my son that he will get a tab of his own and that we are considering one of these two options.

To say the least, he was totally elated and excited. His excitement reminded me of the times when i was so excited and when I recalled those times, it hit me so hard that I could not believe it.

The last time i was as excited about something was at least a decade back. This is not to say that i am not excited about a lot of other stuff that i do in my job or when I write a good blog post or when i talk to some one I look upto for my podcast or when I am able to help delight a customer or when I released my first book on Amazon. I do feel excitement but it pales when compared to the excitement of a 10 year old who is about to get his own tablet PC.

This is the kind of excitement that we need to bring into our own professional and personal lives to be able to leave a lasting impact in everything that we do.

This kind of excitement is palpable and can spread among our friends and colleagues, creating a lot of positive energy all around us.

This is the kind of excitement that we should strive to create among our customers and prospects towards our products/services.

This is the kind of excitement that we should strive to create among our team, in order for the team to be inspire and do great work.

The question is what can we do to create and feel such excitement in ourselves and in others.

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  1. I follow your blog regularly.. It’s very inspiring.. Thank you for sharing your experiences abs insight.. Wish you all the best..

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