Podcast Recommendation: Six Pixels of Seperation by @MitchJoel

Mitch Joel
Mitch Joel

As announced last week, I shall share a podcast every Thursday that I think is phenomenal in all aspects.  

The second podcast that I would like to recommend is for marketing professionals and CEO’s:

Six Pixels of Seperation

This show is hosted by Mitch Joel, from Twist Image. He was the founder of Twist Image Consultancy and is a highly sought after speaker. He is also the author of the books

The current format of the show is him hosting different thought leaders about the various aspects at the cutting edge of marketing & digital marketing in particular. What is special about these episodes is the fact that each episode is full of insights and nuggets of wisdom, not just from the guests but from Mitch as well.

He is insightful, interesting, curious and articulate all at the same time. The  show has been running for a looong time now. He has more than 400 episodes on his show, which by the way is phenomenal, knowing how much work goes on behind to put out each episode.

I do hope to have him as a guest on my show sometime (hopefully soon). Mitch, hope you do spend sometime talking to me.

You can reach him on twitter at @MitchJoel. So, go over and subscribe to the show on iTunes and follow his blog.

PS: Two of my all time favorite episodes on the show are:



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