What do Great Entrepreneurs do?

What do Great Entrpreneurs Do

I was reading Seth’s new book – “What to do when its your turn [and its always your turn] and came across the section, where he writes –

Great work is the result of seeking out tension and not avoiding it..

This got me thinking and I came to a slightly different realization than the one that Seth was alluding to in his book.

I believe that this is exactly what entrepreneurship is all about.

As entrepreneurs, we seek out tense situations and find creative ways to resolve the tension and make money in the process. I believe what separates great entrepreneurs from not so great one’s is the following:

Great entrepreneurs

  • notice places or situations where theres is a lot of tension and notice if there are people who would be willing to hire someone who could help deal with the tension.
  • dream about how they could resolve the tension and help these people.
  • take action and do something to try and resolve the tensions. Since they do not suffer from the fear of standing out they are not caught up in the fear of failure. They know that they do not fail till they give up.

So, what do you do when you notice or feel some tension?

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