An Example of Product Development Being Done Right – Wolk Company

Airbag for the elderly
Airbag for the elderly

When it comes to developing a new product, I have always been advocating that you first need to define a target market and then work hard to understand their needs (stated or otherwise) before you even go to the drawing board. This is at the heart of great product development.

I came across “Wolk Company” today and was totally taken blown away by the work that they are doing.

They have developed an air bag for the elderly to prevent damage to their hips when they fall. With more and more countries becoming home to more and more senior citizens, it is becoming critical that we are able to design and create products for their health and safety. I think that this is a great product in the making.

You can learn more about their product and their approach to product development here.

I do wish them a lot of success and many more great products in the future..



2 Replies to “An Example of Product Development Being Done Right – Wolk Company”

  1. Ya, but then “if you have asked people, they will ask for a faster horse” attributed to Henry Ford… There is a whole thought school of “people not knowing what they really need/want…”. sometimes i do want to believe them too 😉

    1. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts here Imran..

      This is a classic question.. Firstly, good product developers not only ask their customers good probing questions but also watch and observe them in their natural environments and glean insights.. It is one such insight upon which Model T was built – people wanted to get from Point A to Point B as fast and as safely as possible.. It is these insights that leads to breakthrough products..

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