Book Recommendation: Sprinkles – Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service

In this short, sweet and highly insightful book, Chip Bell takes us on a 9 course gourmet meal and shows us how one can go about creating innovative service experiences without breaking the bank.

He also shares with us his secret sauces that when added in the right measures have the potential to create service experiences that are worthy to be shared by the customers who experience them.

What is even better is that every single time that you read the book, you end up getting a new idea that you could implement in a business quickly and have an impact almost immediately.

If someone were to use each one of his nine secret sauces one at a time, every month, you would not only have created  a great experience for your customers but also built a robust and a fast growing business (provided that you have your basics in order – good quality product at a good price for an specific kind of customer).

This book is a must read for everyone of us who us responsible for providing a service or design an experience to someone else.

You can buy the book below (affiliate link)