Leadership Advice from Vijay Sethi, CIO, Hero Moto Corp

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Leadership Talk

Last week, I had the opportunity to host Vijay Sethi, CIO at Hero Moto Corp as part of a Leadership Talk series at my work.

Below are my notes from the talk and the Q&A that followed the talk. Hope there is some learning for you. I learnt some new things and some thoughts were reinforced.

Notes from the session:

  • Honesty, integrity, humility: the three most important virtues of a good leader.
  • Diversity is only as relevant, as much as the leader is willing to listen to differing opinion.
  • Motivation comes from within. External stimuli that motivates, can quickly turn depressing as well.
  • Retaining talent is all about understanding skills, personal goals & aligning them with corporate goals
  • Competing with oneself to seek to be a better version of oneself is the best way to succeed & stay happy at the same time.
  • Influx of new ideas and new people is critical to innovation.
  • Having an experimentation budget allows you to take risks to push the envelope without worrying too much.
  • Leaders responsibility is to get their team take responsibility to stand and deliver when matters. Leader only clears the path of any hurdles or challenges.
  • stretch goals and tight constraints bring out the best & forces people to become creative in their approach.

Do you have any other thoughts that we can all learn from to become better leaders? Pls do share them here below. 

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