How Do You Stay Inspired Everyday

Staying Inspired

I read a blog post today written by Robin Phillips with the same title and that got me thinking about how do I stay inspired and came up with the list below:


I try to read a lot, everyday. My reading list is also very varied – from business blogs to design blogs to start-up news to innovation articles. The sheer diversity of what i read and the amount of creativity & innovation that i see happening in the world, through what i read keeps me motivated and inspired every single day.

As much as it is important to know what i read, it is also important that I dont read newspapers or watch news channels at all. They seem to have nothing but negativity around them.


One other thing that I have found to be very useful is to connect and engage with people who are doing inspiring stuff. My podcast allows me the ability to reach out and request interesting and inspiring people to spend time with me so that i can pick their brains and learn. When I see people like me, aiming and working towards inspiring goals, it fills me with the confidence and inspiration to go after my own personal goals.


I have found that one of the best ways that I stay inspired, is by continuing to learn something everyday. I learn from the guests that i host on my podcast, I learn from the blogs & books that i read, I learn from my colleagues and boss, from my 10 year old son and my wife. Learning keeps you grounded, which is critical for me to stay inspired.


The single most important thing that keeps me inspired is doing something that is inspirational for me – at times it is writing for my blog, writing my book, researching and interviewing thought leaders for my podcast and even helping out startups that are trying to make the world a better place, running workshops for entrepreneurs to help them grow and a lot of other side projects that keep me motivated and inspired. If you dont get to do inspirational stuff as part of your day job, there is nothing stopping you from doing it as a side project of your own.

So, how do you stay inspired?