Starting Movements instead of Businesses

I recently watched a TEDx Talk titled, “How to start a movement | November Project | TEDxBeaconStreet”. This was about the founders of the November project sharing their success at holding open workout sessions across cities and their learnings from the experiment about starting a movement. 

You can watch the entire video here.

I really think that the lessons that they share about starting movements is not only important for people who want to start a social movement, but equally important for entrepreneurs to understand so that they are able to build a movement around their businesses.

As an entrepreneur, if we are able to find a way to integrate our businesses to a larger cause around which movements can be started, we could potentially not only have an impact on our business but also the society at large.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, take some time off and reflect what could the larger cause be, about which you authentically care about and can start a movement around. It is critical that you strongly believe in the cause and are not just in it to promote your business.

Learn from the experience of the founders of the November project and go about creating a movement. Today, we need more movements started by entrepreneurs than at any point in human history.

If you are already a part of a movement that is moving you and your friends, pls share the details of the same as comments here and I would like to spread the word about your cause and movement through this blog.

PS: For the benefit of people who for whatever reason can’t watch the video in full, here are the 4 steps that they talk about:

  • Be Inclusive
  • Build a strong culture
  • Be fierce in your endeavor
  • Have fun, be creative in how you engage with the community.




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