PBTO21: Courting Controversies To Gain Visibility and Success with Scott Jordan @ScottevestCEO

Love Thy ControversiesWho is on the show today:

In today’s episode, we host Scott Jordan, aka, the PocketMan. Scott is the CEO of the first online retailer in the clothing space. He is also the author of Pocket Man: The Unauthorized Autobiography of a Passionate, Personal Promoter.

He was a part of my list of insanely interesting people I discovered in 2014.I found him accidentally on YouTube in a video which he was using as a Press Release. The more I researched about him the more intrigued I became. He founded and runs one of its own kind apparel company – ScotteVest.

Why is he on the show

In my opinion, he is the epitome of hustling to succeed, kind of entrepreneur, a rare breed indeed. He has the presence of mind and clarity of purpose that is critical for success for any entrepreneur. His ability to create news worthy content is really phenomenal. Follow him and his company for the remarkable product that they have created and as much as the phenomenal culture that they have built within their organization.

What are we talking about

In this free wheeling conversation, we talk about a wide range of topics around entrepreneurship, his journey, some of the survival challenges that his organization faced and how they came out flying colors and about the startup scene. He also shares his views on how courting controversies might be a great way to market your business as a founder.

Most important learnings from the conversation:

  • Sustainable success doesn’t happen overnight. So, as entrepreneurs, we need to be in a business for the long term.
  • Successful entrepreneurs do something about what irritates them and turn them into successful businesses.
  • More important than profits is happiness of your employees. How can you help your employees make it their dream jobs or leave.
  • Hiring is critical and wherever possible, Hiring should be based on working on test projects with the prospective employees rather than just some conversations.
  • PR is critical for a business. Controversies can be an entrepreneur’s best friend.
  • Sometimes you have to slow down to go fast.

You can reach Scott on Twitter,  YouTube and Google+.