Leadership Lessons from An Oscar Award Winning Animated Short Film

I came across this oscar award winning animated short film and fell in love with it.. Before we proceed, pls watch the movie below.

The Sand Castle by Co Hoedeman, National Film Board of Canada

I think that the movie is so cleverly done that everyone who watches it can take away something from it.

My leadership lessons from the movie are as below:

  1. How critical it is to have a vision and communicate it clearly such that everyone around you understand it.
  2. It is important to lead from the front and remove obstacles for your team.
  3. Though it is important to have a plan, you need to be able to respond in real-time to events and use it to your advantage while not losing your original vision.
  4. In times of trouble, great leaders make sure that their teams are taken care of first and their personal interest comes post that.
  5. All of this leads to a culture where people trust their leaders and teams with that culture can do the impossible.

These are my lessons from the movie. What are yours?