PBTO23: Building Fiercely Loyal Communities – @SarahRobinson

Building Fiercely Loyal Communities

In today’s episode, we host Sarah Robinson. She is an author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and a consultant.

In my opinion, she has great ideas about how to create fiercely loyal communities.

In this free wheeling conversation, we talk about the importance of building a fiercely loyal community, what defines a fiercely loyal community and how can brands go about building this kind of fiercely loyal communities.

Most important learnings from the conversation:

  • In a world where consumers and customers can share their experiences with each other, the relevance and importance of advertising and marketing messages is constantly shrinking.
  • People today have the ability to form communities with or without the support of a brand.
  • Brands with fiercely loyal communities seem to be much more profitable and much more loved than other brands. Harley Davidson, Apple, GoPro being cases in point.
  • The biggest challenge for a brand to support a community is the fear of letting go of control over their brand.
  • A community is fiercely loyal if
    • They are proud of the brand and are willing to flaunt it.
    • They trust the brand and the members of the community itself.
    • They are a tribe of passionate people.
  • Things that brands can do to enable their communities are
    • Create connection points
    • Create support points
    • Bring in predictability
  • Building a fiercely loyal community is about doing the basics of business right (good product, good support, good strategy, etc) and allowing your customers to do the rest.
  • Fiercely loyal customers will do the best marketing for their brand, the kind that brands can’t buy.

You can reach Sarah on Twitter.  You can buy her book Fierce Loyalty.