PBTO 25: Fostering Innovation When Failing is Not an Option

Fostering Innovation

Today, we host Peter Vander Auwera. HE is the founder of Innotribe and Corporate Rebels United. He shares what he has learnt from running an innovation incubator, where, failure is not an option.

We talk about

  1. Different types of Innovations
  2. Collaborative Innovation
  3. Incremental Innovation
  4. The importance of building a Portfolio of Innovation projects
  5. The importance of alignment in the organisation for innovation to foster
  6. Evaluating How real is your innovation
  7. What are the capabilities that we need to build in our organisations to foster innovation
  8. Why its important to measure the inputs to the innovation process vs outputs
  9. Key Capabilities Indicators instead of Key Performance Indicators
  10. Open Innovation
    1. Innovation as a funnel is an illusion
      1. Innovation is not linear
      2. Innovation is about 10% ideation & 90% execution
    2. Where do most innovation efforts fail?
      1. How do you get the ideas out of the sandbox & back into the core team
      2. The Castle and the Sandbox – Book
    3. Create high quality learning loops and at scale

IT was a lot of fun and learnt a ton.

You can reach Peter on twitter @PeterVan

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I would recommend a book called “Triggers” by Marshall Goldsmith. In this amazing book, read by the author himself, he shares us the secret to adult behaviour change and does it really well.

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