The Most Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Campaign This Year

Every year around this time, all brands try to come up with creative ways to entice people to buy their products as the valentine’s day gift for our better half’s – some succeed and most fail miserably.

One campaign that caught my attention was the one from Bata – the shoe company. I got an email with the below images in the emailers..

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The thing about this campaign is that it is surprising and funny and positions the brand in a very young and vibrant way.. It aspires to replace diamonds with shoes as a girl’s best friend and makes it ok to gift a shoe as a valentines day gift (which I have not seen many people do so far)..

What is even more surprising is that the images in the mailer and the images on their campaign website were not the same, but very similar.. took a bit of keen observation to spot the differences..

I only hope that the brand fulfils the promise that it has made its consumers by backing this up with great experiences for the consumers at their stores as well..

So, for now, well done team Bata..