Leadership Workshop That I Cant Recommend Enough

Seth Godin's Leadership Workshop

Tim Ferris in his podcast always asks each one of his guests this one question

What spend of 100 USD or less has the most impact in your life?

If I were asked this question, I have no doubt in my mind that the single 100 USD or less purchase that has had a profound impact on my life has been the investment of 90USD that I made to participate in a leadership workshop organised by THE SETH GODIN.

The workshop started at 12:30 AM, yes half past mid-night and went till 3:30 AM in the morning. I was active all through the workshop and that workshop has changed me significantly.. This workshop pushed me past the fence and launch the Helping a 1000 Entrepreneurs initiative, which has already led me to meet some extra-ordinary folks – entrepreneurs who are out there making art (Pratheek from Kokaachi Studios or Monica Borell from www.cardsmith.co, etc) and doing work that matters (Natasha Chanda from www.natsybydesign.com, or Patsy Mangas from www.virginiagirlssummit.com).

Seth is running the same workshop again later this week. If you think you can afford to spend a 100 USD on yourself, I strongly recommend that you do sign-up for the workshop.

If you want to do work that matters or create extra-ordinary art, join the workshop with your friends and colleagues. You will not only not regret it, you will be thankful to me for having recommended this to you.

If you are on the edge, not sure if you should start that project or start that business or if you should showcase your art, join the workshop. You will benefit immensely.

You can find more information about this workshop and sign-up here.