PBTO30: Digital Marketing strategies for Startups with Anshul Sushil – Founder & CEO: Boring Brands

Anshul Sushil, Boring Brands

In today’s podcast episode, we host Anshul Sushil who is a co-founder of a Gurgaon based startup marketing company called Boring Brands.

In this free wheeling conversation, Anshul talks about:

  • His journey and experiences in the startup world.
  • He also shares how Boring Brands came into being
  • Hottest startup in the market
  • Challenges that startup face in today’s market
  • Leadership mantra
  • Importance of Marketing and public relations/ Perception Management for Startups
  • Marketing strategies of the future used by startups.
  • Tools Start up Should use
  • One key advice for all startups

This is a great episode where Anshul shares some very interesting insights on PR and digital marketing strategies for startups from which we can all learn.

If you are a start up founder and would like to connect with Anshul, you can reach out to him on twitter at @_Anshul and his company at @BoringBrands.