Three Rules for Success in Business

Three Rules for Success in Business

I came across the TEDx video from Michael Raynor where he shares his three rules for success in business:

  • Better before cheaper
  • Revenue over cost
  • There are no other rules

I agree with his assessment of business and his rules. I would just add one more rule to this list that i strongly believe in:

  • Customer before everyone else

This completes the set of rules that can help businesses to succeed.

The rules are simple but not necessarily easy to follow. Following these rules require companies to communicate these rules to all their employees and use these as the basis for all the decisions that they make.

The leaders need to train their employees to use these rules as the basis of every single decision that they make on a daily basis. They can do so by publicly explaining the decisions that they make and how these rules formed the basis of their decision.

You can listen to Michael’s TEDx talk below: