Your Product is Not Your Product

Your ProductWe do a lot of hard work to come up with a new product.. Right from customer in-sighting to customer interviews, design experiments, run hypotheses, do a lot of brainstorming, evaluate technologies and ideas and finally come up with our masterpieces and release the same to our customers, with a lot of pomp and fair..

Most of the times, we don’t see the product being received with the same level of enthusiasm that it was released with. So, what goes wrong?

I think in all the fan fare, we forget to keep in mind that our product is not the real product.

The real product is the story that is running in the minds of our customers when they interact with our product.

What are they thinking about? Does the product help them tell themselves and their friends the story they want to tell?

Does the product make our customers feel what they want to feel?

The story that your customers tell themselves when they interact with your product is in fact your product.

As Bernadette Jiwa shares in her post, you should know – What your customers Really want to hear/feel/see.