Best Among What I Read today – 4th May 2016

Best of What I read Today

I read a lot and on diverse topics. I used to share all the interesting stuff on Twitter and Facebook, but realised that searching for them at a later point (in case someone wants to find out more or I want to connect with someone) became extremely difficult.

Also, my friends said that it is easier for them if they can find all the interesting stuff that i find in one place so that they can visit one single post and decide to read something that they find interesting as well.

Hence, going forward, on days that i read and find interesting articles, blog posts, books, podcasts and any other piece of content, i will share them in a blog post titled – “Best Among What I Read Today” and publish on my blog.

Here is today’s content that i found interesting. You can look at all the past posts here.

A cardboard House

Wikkelhouse is a house made of cardboard, which can last upto a 100 years and installed in a day.

IBM Inches Ahead of Google in Race for Quantum Computing Power

IBM recently launched a website today with an interface that lets outside programmers and researchers test algorithms on their quantum computing chip.

They at the same time admit that a universal quantum computer might not be a reality anytime soon. More about this @ here.

World’s first 3D-printed consumer wheelchair


This 3D printed consumer wheelchair customises the seat and the foot part of the wheelchair, which are the most important from a comfort point-of-view in a wheelchair, using biometrics and then 3D prints the chair.

The studio has also developed an app to accompany the wheelchair, which allows users to specify optional elements and colours apart from the size specifications. Once the wheelchair has been designed and ordered via the app, it could be delivered in under two weeks. More information about this @ here.

Because We Can

Bernadette Jiwa shares the story of a tram driver and how he makes 100’s and 1000’s of people smile everyday. Read the full story here.


Because he can..

So, can we!

5 ways that meetings typically go off track & how to stop it

One activity that is constant in every working professional’s life is that they need to organise or attend meetings. Most meetings are time killers and there is a ton of research to help you make the most of the meetings that you are a part of.

In this post, Roger Schwarz shares 5 typical ways that meetings go off track and also gives ideas about how to prevent that from happening. You can read the entire post here.

Another great resource on this topic is a book called “Read this before your next meeting” by Al Pittampalli.