Best Among What I Read Today – 16th May 2016

Best of What I read Today

I read a lot and on diverse topics. I used to share all the interesting stuff on Twitter and Facebook, but realised that searching for them at a later point (in case someone wants to find out more or I want to connect with someone) became extremely difficult.

Also, my friends said that it is easier for them if they can find all the interesting stuff that i find in one place so that they can visit one single post and decide to read something that they find interesting as well.

Hence, going forward, on days that i read and find interesting articles, blog posts, books, podcasts and any other piece of content, i will share them in a blog post titled – “Best Among What I Read Today” and publish on my blog.

Here is today’s content that i found interesting. You can look at all the past posts here.

The Hustler’s Playbook: Success Is a By-Product: 

In this post, Anthony Iannarino delves on an important lesson for all of us – that Success is not a state of being, its a result of certain set of activities.

This is the kind of post that you would want to read and re-read every month or even fortnight so that you don’t forget the lesson.

Read the entire post here.

Welcome the Worlds first Artificially Intelligent Lawyer 

This week saw the appointment of the worlds first AI lawyer (IBM ROSS) based on IBM Watson. This might be the beginning of a trend where we humans will end up working hand-in-hand with AI systems.

More information about this here.

Atlas of Emotions

Inspired by a series of conversations that Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. Eve Ekman had with his holiness the Dalai Lama about the science of emotions, they have created an atlas or Emotions, with the help of Stamen Design.

This tool is created to be a visual journey through the world of emotions, what causes them, what do they result in and everything surrounding a specific emotions.

You can access the atlas of emotions here.

Learn more about the work of Dr. Paul Ekman at

4 Ways to Overcome bad First Impression

We all meet new people on an ongoing basis – whether its new customers, employees, managers or social friends and there are times when our first impression does not necessarily reflect our true personality or ability.

In this post on HBR, Dorie Clark shares strategies on how to overcome that bad first impression that we created in someone. The 4 strategies that she shares are to

  • Use surprise to break the mental model
  • Overcompensate over time
  • Get closer to them
  • Be Patient.

Read the entire post here.