PBTO37: Surge – Identifying and riding Trends in Your Marketplace with Mike Mikhalowicz

surgeIn this episode, we welcome Mike Mikhalowicz back to our podcast. This makes him the first guest to be on our show twice. This in itself is a testament to the fact that I find him and his insights particularly helpful to all of us entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we talk about his latest book – Surge. He shares his thoughts and ideas on how entrepreneurs can identify an imminent trend (lots of Tesla electric cars in early 2018 on the road) and how we can use these trends to grow our business to a scale by allowing our business to ride the trend.

The conversation was insightful at the least and could be extremely interesting if you want to look out for upcoming trends and want to apply the framework that he lays out in his book.

The earlier episode that Mike was a part of can be found here. You can reach him on twitter @MikeMichalowicz.