Best Among What I Read Today – The Innovation Edition, Jan 5th 2017

In this edition of Best Among what I read, I would like to share some of the best content that I came across this week, on the topic of Innovation.

Use Design Thinking to Build Commitment to a New Idea

In this blog post, Roger Martin shares how the concepts of design thinking can be used not just to create new products or services but can be used for a much more important activity – to build commitments to the ideas that the design thinking team is working on. Innovation we have seen is not an idea problem but is a resistance to change problem. By keeping everyone involved in making a go/no-go decision for an innovation project, through the fundamental principles of design thinking, the resistance can be broken and innovation can flourish.

You can read the full blog post here.

Create a Structure for Unstructured Innovation

In this short video, Soren Kaplan, author of the best selling book – Leapfrogging talks about how adding structure to allow unstructured innovation to flourish. He talks about the Intuit Innovation Catalyst model, the Adobe Kickbox and the FedEx days (now called ShipIt), first pioneered by Atlassian. He also explains how these structures help innovation flourish in organisations.

You can watch the full vide below:

Why Your Corporate Culture Matters

In this short post, futurist and author of the best selling book Flash Foresight, Daniel Burrus shares his perspective on the importance of culture in an organisations transformation journey. He talks about how organisations can identify, what he calls hard trends and use these trends to shape their innovation pipeline and decision making.

You can also find a list of hard trends that he has identified for 2017 here.

You can read the entire blog post here.

Your Turn

Its now your turn. Pls do share articles that you have enjoyed reading about innovation here as comments.