PBTO47: Building Your Network with Shubham, CEO and Founder – NODD

Who is on the show today:

In this episode, we host Shubham Rai, CEO and founder of the networking startup – NODD.

Why is he on the show:

This is in continuation of our Entreprneur-in-focus series, where we showcase some new age entrepreneurs and their work. Shubham has started seeing a lot of momentum on his current startup and looks to re-define networking for the worlds best 150 Million people.

What are we talking about:

In a wide ranging conversation we cover the following:

  • The best way to network – become a go-giver
  • The mistakes that he did as a leader which led to the shutdown of his much recognised startup. These are lessons in humility that every startup founder needs to learn from.
  • How does one bounce back when you stare at failure
  • The importance of being self aware of what we like and why we do what we do.

How can you connect with him:

You can find more information about his startup at www.noddapp.com. You can connect with him on LinkedIN.