Finding Our Centre Of Excellence

I read a post by Mitch Joel (one of my insanely awesome people) where he proposes a 7 step model to define what could be our centre of excellence. Please do read his post here.

I wanted to do this exercise and the result is as below:

  1. The Tactic: My tactic of my primary output is content, just like Mitch himself.
  2. The Format: My format is text and audio.
  3. The Frequency: This is a place where i need to improve significantly. I have committed to myself that i will create content everyday in text and at least once a week in audio.
  4. The Triangle of Attention: Here i have a slightly different take than Mitch. I don’t have three topics where i spend my attention, it is 5 – Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship. So, for me its a pentagon, rather than a triangle.
  5. The Bullseye: My bull’s eye is “Innovation”. For me, the primary focus is to find ways to bring innovation to every field of my focus to see how I can become an agent of transformation for my audience, their businesses and ultimately, their lives.
  6. The Promoter: I promote my content primarily on twitter and some specific whatsapp groups that i am a part of. Some of my content is also syndicated on other much more popular sites, so that helps as well. I know that this is not sufficiently large group of people. This is something that I am going to continue to work on, so that i can increase the impact that my thinking has on this world.
  7. The Analysis and Adjustment Bureau: I do continue to explore which of my content works. What I haven’t done, at least not as effectively as I would need to, is to understand the reasons why the content that works and why something doesn’t work. This is another area of learning for me, just from doing this exercise.

As you can see, just by going through this 7 step process, I have been able to identify at least two areas that I need to focus and improve on, so that I am able to create a unique brand for myself around my topics of interest.

I would now strongly urge each one of you reading this, to go ahead and do this exercise – for yourself and if you are a business owner or a product owner, do this for your business and the product as well. You will be surprised at the level of clarity you will have once you have gone through this exercise.

If you do go ahead and do this exercise, I would love to know if it helped. Also, if would be great if you could also leave a comment on Mitch’s blog page with the result, so he knows that his model actually helped you clearly articulate your priorities and that he is having an impact on this world, one person at a time.